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“It is evident that your firm is on top of its game – it is such a pleasure to work with an organization that is “awake” and thinking critically about the business. Well done!"
Brenda Embree - VP of Sales & Marketing, Stella Canada
“Calvin and his team take an ownership approach to the Canadian retail business. They have led meaningful growth initiatives at our key retailers, added new distribution, and navigated all the difficult topics that come up both internally and with our retailers. Maverick Sales are great partners for our organization.”
Luis Villegas - VP of Retail Sales, Alchemee (formerly The Proactiv Company)

Our Services

Account Management

Account management for brands in most categories.

Our sales resources are supported by an infrastructure rich with national, regional, and analytic experience. We define ambitious KPIs and exceed them.

Digital Marketplace Management

Optimization and growth for all digital marketplace retailers: Amazon, Loblaws, Hudson's Bay, Walmart, etc.

Digital marketplace management is a core pillar of sales strategy. We don't just respond to market change—we welcome it.

Shopper Marketing

Merchandizing, training, and demo services.

We design agile store-level resources to maximize performance at retail.

Ops & Data Services

Forecasting, inventory management, order fulfillment and data analysis.

Human-driven data insights drive a transparent sales forecast that we operationalize. We provide 3PL.